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The Devil's in the Details

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The Interactive Sex-Play, Kink, and BDSM Checklist


The purpose of this app is to facilitate both self-knowledge, and communication between partners. The better we communicate, the safer, saner, and more consensual we'll all be.

The Devil's in the Details

While there are other quizzes out there that can help you learn about your general preferences, like bdsmtest.org, we wanted to create something that can help you communicate (and learn!) about the nitty-gritty of your specific sexual preferences.

Lists like this exist on the internet already. We decided to bring those lists into the digital age by adding interactivity; but we owe a great debt to those who compiled the lists first, and from whose work we compiled our list.

How to use this app

We suggest that you take this as a "quiz", and then use it to start a conversation with your partner(s) about your likes, dislikes, limits, needs, and boundaries.

As always, the universe of sexual preferences is so vast that we've probably forgotten to account for someone or something. If you have suggestions for additions, improvements, or changes, please contact us at kinxlist@gmail.com


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